Costa Rica

Tropical rainforests are natural treasures of biodiversity. They are the most productive ecosystems in the world. Water, the essential element of all living beings, is everywhere: in the air, in the ground, and in the lush vegetation consisting of multiple layers, with the tallest trees reaching the height of 60 meters. According to some estimations, tropical rainforests host about 70 % of all species living on earth (not counting marine ecosystems). Even though animals are difficult to see, they play a big role in the ambiance of these fairy tale forests. Who hasn’t heard the song of a gibbon family, or seen a flight of multicolored macaws, can’t imagine what it feels like. True, not everyone  is lucky enough, or is willing to go visit these enchanted forest. So, by sharing my images, I hope to make people enjoy and care about some of the most beautiful and threatened ecosystems in the world.

It is in Costa Rica that I begun to photograph the rainforest. Costa Rica is a country that has managed to preserve a lot of its natural treasures, and put an end to deforestation. As big as the Netherlands, this little country stuck between Nicaragua and Panama and bordered by the Pacific ocean and the Caribbean sea, offers beautiful landscapes and a very diverse flora and fauna.





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