Photography is a powerful tool to raise awareness about the need to protect nature.  Fascinated by nature and wildlife since my childhood, and by photography for about 10 years, I have decided to bring together these two passions around a common goal: show the natural wonders of life on earth and bring people to care about the natural world.

I believe that a good photograph is capable of conveying enough emotion to raise awareness of the beauty and vital character of nature. But creating a story by putting together images is an even more powerful way to educate people. That is why, I am trying to tell stories with my photos, and always turn a subject from different perspectives.

My favorite destinations are the world’s tropical rainforests, and I hope that my photos will contribute to protect these natural habitats.

Most of my photos are taken in the wild, but I also photograph captive animals in zoos from time to time. Some images are just merely impossible to get in nature. I therefore, draw upon these animals as ambassadors for the protection of their wild fellows. In any case, all my photos taken in zoos are clearly indicated so.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to publish one of my images. I am also available to hire, for any photographic assignement about wildlife, nature and  conservation.

Olivier Horiot professional photographer n° SIRET 812625549 00017 – contact me by email