Bringing together my two passions, nature and photography, I naturally became a wildlife photographer. Photography is a great way to show the biodiversity which lives alongside of us, and is often elusive and difficult to observe.

I would like to share a story that really touched me, and which I think sums up the manner in which man is nowadays connected to nature and wildlife. This story is a Native American legend reported by Frans Lanting, famous wildlife photographer:

Once upon a time, all animals on Earth were one. Even though they look different on the outside, inside, they’re all the same, and from time to time they would gather at a sacred cave deep inside the forest to celebrate their unity. When they arrived, they would all take off their skins. Raven shed his feathers, bear his fur, and salmon her scales, and then, they would dance. But one day, a human made it to the cave and laughed at what he saw because he did not understand. Embarrassed, the animals fled, and that was the last time they revealed themselves this way.

 As a wildlife photographer, I want to show what can be found beyond the skins, furs and feathers, and show that there is a true unity in all living things on Earth. Photos, revealing the true nature of animals, can cause us to feel connected with the rest of the living world, and perhaps, as in the legend, rejoin the dance celebrating the unity of life.

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